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the C R Y S T A L place
You can find a lot of information about crystals, their varied uses and ways of incorporating them into your environment as aids, teachers and companions on your life's sacred journey.
Many books have been written on the subject of crystals. Most of these books
make for educational reading. However, like most subjects, there are skeptics
who doubt the healing attributes of crystals.
The crystals speak the same language to everyone if we care enough to listen
to them. When we are open minded about alternative healing mediums then our ability as the listener is finer tuned. Do not be discouraged. If you spend time with the crystal you WILL understand its uses and characteristics. Do this before you read about the crystal in a book. Later, when you refer to a reference book, you
may be surprised at how close your personal interpretations match up with what
has been written. The most important thing that you can do for yourself is to BEGIN
the crystal adventure.

If you want to read some excellent books on crystals, consider the following: