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Only a single pup is born to the female. Within an hour of birth this pup can swim. Eventually the seal will be able to dive to substantial depths. Harbor seals can hold their breath for approximately 25 minutes and thus have the ability to stay underwater where other species would have to more quickly surface for air.

It is worth noting that while Seals are very agile swimmers, they are not able to navigate the ground with such dexterity. They manage to move a little at a time, similar to a caterpillar, but at a much slower speed than when in the water. However, this does point out an adaptation to circumstances with the ability to be able to be mobile in different elements.

The webbed feet help the Seal to navigate in the water, but are not as effective on land. Called flippers, these feet can appear to be applauding as they come together in a claplike manner.
When we have something that works in our life we can find great determination to keep it when threatened with its loss. We find this determined idea in action when the seal returns to areas where plentiful food is available, but which can only be had after enduring threats and other measures of discouragement.

Apparently to satisfy their voracious appetites, Seals can be very determined in returning to a well-stocked fishing location. Some fish runs are frequented by the seals so much that even relocation and other, more noisely, discouraging methods that were tried were found to also be largely ineffective.

It is said that seals will return to their birth area even if they have been purposely relocated.
According to a Washington State newspaper: "Puget Sound and the Straight of Juan de Fuca has the largest density of harbor seals in the world. Quote: Fiona Cohen, The Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, Washington, 1/11/05
"SEALS are about following your own true path not the advice of others! We all know deep inside ourselves what is truth and untruth for ourselves and don't really need others to distinguish the difference! Seal energy enlivens dreams and awakens the imagination so they can be applied to our outer expressions. So they help us learn to balance the inner imagination with the outer realities and enrich
our lives at many levels." Quoted from the website psychicchoices
Who can't remember seeing at least one picture of a seal with a ball on its nose? Not only is this a way to enjoy playful activity, but it has become a way of entertainment for human events. This playfulness can become an inspiration as we see the simplicity within the action that can take place with a round object and a part of the body.

Now I am not saying that we should all rush out and try to bounce a ball off our noses. However, we can look for less complicated ways of entertainment; those activities that don't require us to place a lot of reliance on new technology or the need to obtain much beyond what is readily available in our immediate environment.